Set Up Linksys Wi-Fi-G In Notebook With Tech Support

It is an IPv4 address, and is mainly used as the default IP address for many ADSL modems and cable or router. The main routers and modems that use as the default IP address are Westell ADSL modems and Cayman / Motorola Netopia Internet gateways, ADSL router Thompson, some TP-Link router, Alcatel ADSL modems, routers , 3Com, Linksys SRW2023 switches and ADSL routers trillion.

Just bring one end of an Ethernet cable to one of several ports on the back of the router and the other end of the network slot on your PC and reboot.

Now you have the cables and power on the cable modem to connect your laptop and Wireless-G Router. You must first make sure the cable modem and that it is properly connected to the server of the internet service provider. Wait until the connection is established. You can easily see if the connection because the Internet connection status indicator flashes produced when the connection is made. You can find it on the front of the cable modem. Now you need to connect the router power supply at the rear Power port on the router. Plug the adapter into an electrical outlet.

The next thing can sometimes be problematic, so bear with me as I am. By the details.These 3 bits of information are required in order to access the location of your wireless router Web interface

Your router can be challenging for a username and password. Find the default values ​​for these in the documentation for your router. If you do not have the documentation, be aware that many routers are shipped with the admin user name and password, so try this first. If not, you will find default username / password of your router here or here.

Make sure that you have an active Internet connection. Open your web browser and make sure that you can go online. If not, you must configure your Internet settings manually. Locate the manual. The configuration information that you need to get started is at the beginning of the manual. Find the configuration for the device and the user name and password management. Open your web browser and enter the IP address of the router, 90% chance it will be “”. Enter the user credentials, again 90% of the time, is the username “admin” with password ‘password’. Once you have logged in, change the password and write it down in a safe place.

The wired computers in your network must always be able to be connected to the network, because it will get an IP address via DHCP. You need the address in your browser, to change the new IP address to return the router settings. This will change with the next step. You are on the fixed code have the client IP address to be able to come back on the network.

Disable auto-connection. Although this security measure has nothing to do with the IP is still worth mentioning. Your mobile device will try to connect to an open wireless network. If this is done for security reasons, is very low. Check if you have enabled connections and disable.